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Webcast Event

Do you want to host a polished webcast event that creates awareness, generates leads or helps you communicate your message to large audiences?

Aitelephone Select provides high-touch, fully managed webcast solutions, as well as full service, hosted event calls with a dedicated Event Management Team to handle every detail before, during and after your event.

We deliver the tools and support you need to make your audio and/or webcast event a success.

Host the perfect webcast event

  • Comprehensive pre-and post-event features
  • No downloads, so participants can join webcasts without hassle
  • Host events for over 12,000 participants
  • Leverage existing recordings as part of a live event
  • Engage participants with broadcast video
  • Personalized support and service from our team of event experts
  • High-quality audio delivered over phones or streaming to computer speakers
  • Seamless webinar integrations with Salesforce, Eloqua, Marketo and more

We have assisted hundreds of organization all over the globe in running their most critical events.

Let our team of experts ensure your next event webcast is a success.

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Corporate Communications with a Webcast Event

Cross-organization communication can between executives and employees is enhanced through webcasting.  With a corporate webcast event, the executives can deliver a company-wide message to all employees in a presentation that will keep them engaged, and ensure more effective communication.

  • Create more engaging executive messaging
  • Stream CEO town halls to the entire workforce
  • Easily archive webcasts for repeat viewing

A webcast event is superb for marketing and lead generation, allowing you to communicate a huge amount of useful information that can be interactive and engaging.  Also, the analytics features give you the data you need to further improve your marketing tactics to better target your audience.  A few features of our marketing webcast events include:

  • Integrate webinars into your marketing campaigns for demand generation and to shorten the sales cycle.
  • Real-time analytics help you capture registrant and attendee interaction
  • Stream live video to iOS and Android devices
  • Extend the ROI of your webinars with auto-archiving of all events

Webcast Event Solutions

We offer comparisons of webcast event solutions and reviews of many services.  With this information, you can choose which event webcasting solution would be the most appropriate for your requirements.

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