Live Meeting Conference Calling Service Features

With Live Meeting, the days of being on a conference call with someone referencing a document or website that you can’t see or find are over.

How much time do your employees spend traveling to meetings?  Web collaboration can radically change the way your company gets business done.  Now thanks to outstanding web conferencing products, anyone with a PC and an Internet connection you can engage in a live meeting interactively for Web-based presentations or a work session.

With Live Meeting and in real time, presenters can take a geographically dispersed audience through a presentation, demonstrate any software application on their desktop, tour websites, clarify points interactively on a virtual whiteboard, conduct polls, engage the audience in Q&A sessions and much more.  You can count on Live Meeting’s conference calling service to provide you with ways to make your meetings better and more productive.

  • Audio Conferencing Controls
    Manage the audio portion of your meeting without having to rely on a phone or remember telephone keypad commands.  With the Audio Controls on the screen during your Live Meeting session, it takes just a click of the mouse to dial out to participants or mute their lines.
  • Streamlined Console Design
    Put the focus on your content when you simplify common tasks.  With the streamlined design, you decide which elements you want to reveal on your console and eliminate distractions to your audience.
  • Webcam
    Live Meeting integrated video allows you to use your webcam to enhance the meeting experience, bringing you face to face with your audience.  If allowed, attendees with webcams can also show their video to the audience.
  • Rich Multimedia Options
    Keep attendees engaged and make your presentation more memorable with the multimedia options like move clips, Flash animations, and audio files.
  • Print to PDF
    Presenters and Participants can save and print the presentation content locally.  There is no waiting to distribute pertinent web conferencing content – everyone has instant access to the materials that are being discussed.
  • Live Q&A
    Audience members can ask questions and get answers without interrupting the presenter.  While one person is presenting, another can serve as co-presenter and immediately respond to questions.  Answers can be provided directly to the questioner using the ‘Private Reply’ or shared with the entire audience by using ‘Post to All’.
  • Seating Chart and Mood Indicators
    Audience members can change their seat colors to visually communicate their level of understanding or desired pace without interrupting your session.  The seating chart is a part of the Attendee pane and shows the mood of the conference calling service audience members.
  • Safe Transfer of Handouts
    Distribute files during your meetings in their native file format, making it easy to provide relevant materials with no need to email them later.  Live Meeting session files are virus-scanned during both upload and download when distributing handouts and when uploading all other files to the Live Meeting Server. Virus signatures are frequently and automatically updated.
  • Shared Notes
    The shared notes feature is an effective way to allow notes to be created during the event that is available for all attendees to download.  Basic formatting is available in the Shared Notes pane and the notes can be saved locally by each participant of the meeting.
  • Schedule Meetings and Invite Participants
    With the Outlook Plug-In, you can perform scheduling and invitation tasks directly from your Outlook interface without having to log into your Live Meeting account. Or with a single click you can ‘Meet Now’. The plugin lets you set up defaults and preferences including invitation copy and audio conference dial-in information. If you do not use Outlook, you can perform these tasks from within your Live Meeting account using your own email and calendaring application. There is also a Lotus Notes add-in to perform similar tasks.
  • Powerful Reporting Tools
    Your conference calling service lets you see who attended your conference and for how long.  View statistics on each of your recordings to measure how they are being used and by whom.  Reports are exportable in standard CSV format so they can be used with other systems.
  • High Fidelity Recording and Playback
    Record and save a copy of your session. Capture everything in your conference including the live demonstrations, annotations, notes, visuals, and even live web slides. Recordings can be saved on a Live Meeting server by the presenter, or on the presenter’s or attendee’s local computer. High fidelity playback features, including a quick search and chapter index, enable a quick and focused review of the meeting content. Access controls allow you to choose open, limited or secure access to your recordings. You can even view reports to see recording usage trends.

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  • Event Registration and Training Support Tools
    Registration is now tightly integrated with the core Live Meeting user experience.  Several enhancements have been made to the registration option, in addition to the tighter integration.  One new option is to post Public Events enabling customers to browse your list of available sessions and register for those they would like to attend.  Better training support is also provided, including advanced testing and grading, and pre-class handouts.
  • Virtual Breakout Rooms
    Unlike other web conferencing products, during a meeting, presenters can use breakout rooms to create separate meeting spaces.  You can divide attendees among the rooms, either manually or automatically, and allow each group to meet separately.  After the breakout sessions are over, you can bring everyone back to the main meeting.