Anywhere Video Conferencing

Anywhere Video Conferencing One Click Meetings

Anywhere Video Conferencing enables easily sharing your computer screen, documents and applications online in real-time so you can start working with remote colleagues and partners in seconds, wherever they are.  With its intuitive interface, Anywhere Video Conferencing is so simple to use that it will be adopted immediately.

Share your screen, applications, whiteboards or documents with colleagues, partners, suppliers, and clients online in seconds with this easy, intuitive conferencing service.

Discover our attractive Anywhere One-Rate offer – audio and/or web conferencing for just one, low fixed price per month.

Is it Time to Make the Switch to Anywhere Video Conferencing? 

Having an affordable video conferencing tool with both superior call quality and an exceptional user experience is crucial in ensuring that it gets used by your team.  Aitelephone Select’s partnerships with conferencing services such as Anywhere help to ensure that our clients get the right video conferencing solutions for their needs.  We can help you discover the benefits of intuitive video collaboration systems while also delivering the lowest rates, guaranteed.

Sharing Documents Has Never Been So Simple 

Newly designed web conferencing solution for easy sharing 

Aitelephone Select offers Anywhere Video Conferencing, a flexible and intuitive web conferencing tool for collaboration, file sharing, and relationship building.

With one click, users have a streamlined conference screen for instant application and document sharing.

  • Quick share buttons for fast, intuitive sharing of screens, applications, whiteboards or documents
  • Moderator console has an easy, yet comprehensive icon-driven conference control panel
  • Instant access from your web browser, no download required
  • Instant invitations for inviting new participants anytime during conferences
  • Public and private chat pop-ups when new messages are received
  • Audio and web recording for instant editing and sharing of content
  • One-click audio access activates instant call-back for joining conferences
  • Mobile integration for conferencing on-the-go with iPad and Android apps for tablets

Very Affordable Solution with Quick Roll Out 

On-demand service, hosted by Anywhere Conferencing, is available at any time.  Pay as you go at affordable rates for either domestic or international conferencing.  Attendees can use a full range of devices and operating systems.  Outlook and Lotus toolbars provide pre-populated conference invitations.

True to its name, Anywhere Video Conferencing can be used virtually anywhere you and your team may be located. Thoughtfully designed, Anywhere Video Conferencing is packed with helpful features: 

  • One-click invites — Setting up a video conference shouldn’t be hard, and it isn’t with Anywhere.  Just one click and your invitation is ready to go.  Not only can you start a meeting in one click, if you’re launching an international meeting, you can specify which country’s access numbers should be included in the invitation.
  • Productivity toolbars — Pre-populated invitations are always just a click away from within Outlook or Lotus.
  • Simple user experience — Connecting to a video conference is just as easy.  All attendees get instant access from a standard web browser, with no need to install software.  You can also set up an instant call-back to join a conference.
  • Immediate user adoption — Because the optimized end-to-end user experience is intuitive and friction-free with minimal user training required, most businesses see immediate user adoption once deployed.
  • Web collaboration — Anywhere Video Conferencing offers powerful web collaboration features such as screen-, document-, and application-sharing. You can share virtually anything on your computer with your colleagues, virtually anywhere, and in real time.
  • Quick share buttons — Sharing is also simple, with quick share buttons that simplify the process. You can even share via social media.
  • Hybrid (telephone and VoIP) conferencing — Attendees can join your audio conferences from a standard telephone, mobile device, or computer via VoIP access. In addition to dial-in and VoIP connections, Anywhere supports dial out.
  • Whiteboards and chats — Anywhere video conferences are highly interaction thanks to the inclusion of whiteboards and chats.  With a shared whiteboard, you can quickly jot notes, sketch out an idea, and brainstorm visually.  Public and private chats are also included.  Chats are a good way for attendees to ask questions or for the moderator to share text-based details or links to resources that attendees may want to review after the conference.
  • Brandable interface — Anywhere’s interface is brandable, allowing you to create a more professional presence that matches your company’s identity.
  • Take conferencing on the go — Mobile apps allow you to take the Anywhere conferencing experience with you wherever you go.  Whether you’re a moderator or attendee accessing a conference on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, Anywhere’s mobile integration ensures a high quality, user-friendly experience.
  • Social integration — Not only can you share your screen, documents, and applications via social media, during a conference, you can view the social network cards of your attendees.
  • Recording features — Record your audio and web conferences for later review.
  • Large group conferencing Host up to 100 attendees in a single conference (more supported if arranged in advance)
  • International Support Anywhere provides toll and toll-free access numbers for over 50 countries.