Video conferencing

Aitelephone Select offers the best quality video services on the market today.  Connect as if you were face-to-face, even if your meeting members are spread across the globe.  As your conferencing provider, we promise this simple to use technology will improve your meeting communication and help eliminate your travel budget.

The Benefits of Video Conferencing

Expand your Reach with Video Conferencing

Now you can gain a wider reach at a lower cost and defy geographic boundaries.  Use video conferencing to qualify candidates (leads, partners, and clients) before meeting them in person.  Whether three blocks away, or thee time zones apart, you can have a seamless video conferencing experience.  Before long, this technology will become a seamless and integrated part of your business.

Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

Spur-the-moment meetings and face-to-face interaction are now possible regardless of location. Video conferencing costs substantially less than traveling and participants will never have to leave their office. It is proven that you will save time and be more productive if you can work in a controlled environment, within a regular routine. Video conferencing brings work to your office instead of taking it abroad — allowing you to maintain access to important people, tools, and resources that make your job easier. And best of all, you can still go home to your friends and family at the end of the day.


High definition video conferencing is available with our system if you have the proper equipment. This means you will get a 1280×720 pixel image at 30 frames per second as opposed to a 352×240 image from a traditional web conferencing web camera. High definition video uses a lot of bandwidth (about 1.2 megabits) so it is important that all participants are using a reliable internet carrier too.

Keep them Engaged

Video conferencing will never replace the in-person meeting, but it will support your business meetings by providing you with unique ways to interact.  The online collaborative tools can enhance a meeting in ways that cannot be done in person.  Document sharing and whiteboard applications give you (and everyone else) hands-on experience, and Q & A tools and text-messaging let you easily manage large group meetings.  This interactive meeting will get everyone involved and will boost participation and retention rates.  Adoption of video conference calls for business collaboration use has never been higher.

Video Conferencing

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