Unified Communications

Unified Communications What is it?

Unified Communications is an intelligent and scalable way to deliver integrated services including conferencing, email, and voice from one central location.  Aitelephone Select delivers UC which consists of four components.

  • Network Management
  • Voice and Telephony
  • Conferencing and Collaboration
  • Presence and Messaging

Understanding the business value of combining all modes of communications including telephony, e-mail, instant messaging, presence, and conferencing functions is easy. UC transforms the workplace, making it more productive, efficient and effective.

Aitelephone Select offers customized Unified Communications services so our customers choose which product mix best suits their needs. We have a global support team to assist with implementation, training and service adoption.

Beginning the UC journey starts with business goals, not technology capabilities. Virtually all business processes can benefit from enhanced communications. Every process touches multiple people, and UC can improve workflow and communications all along the way.


Network Management

Network management is fundamental to any business communications system and crucial to a unified communications system.  In order to support the latest data, voice, telephony, video, and collaboration tools, your business needs the appropriate network resources and services — and your systems must be maintained.

Aitelephone Select provides basic and advanced managed services and network data service support for LAN, WAN, voice, data, wireless, security, and virtualization networks.

Our network data services include everything from cloud-based phone systems and managed cloud services to unified communications, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Skype for Business, and other network data services.  We have partnerships with leading vendors in the space, enabling us to support all of your network management needs at the lowest rates guaranteed.

In addition, we offer a portfolio of on-site network and data services with network management professionals located around the globe. These services include:

• Carrier Services – RFP Management and Contract Management

• Network and Security Design & Optimization

• Equipment Procurement

• Staging & Configuration

• Inside Wiring

• Network Deployment

• 7x24x365 Network Managed Services

• Onsite Maintenance & Logistical Support

Voice and Telephony

Cloud-based business phone systems and voice and telephony solutions offer a number of advantages over their traditional PBX counterparts, and Aitelephone Select can help you leverage them to your advantage.

Our solutions blend and unify voice and telephone communications tools including telephone, video, team messaging and collaboration, SMS, audio and video conferencing, online meetings, fax and contact center.  Unified communications offer many benefits such as:

Scalability — Add capacity as your needs change, allowing you to better manage your costs without compromising future growth.

Collaboration — All tools are within easy reach, allowing your employees to make phone calls, join or launch video conferences, send instant messages, share files, and more.

Seamless mobile experience — Whether you’re at the office or working remotely — or on the other side of the world, all of your cloud-based video and telephony tools are in your hands.

Integration — As if a unified communications system weren’t already powerful in its own right, you can get even more out of it by integrating it with your CRM and productivity tools like SalesForce, NetSuite, Box, Dropbox, Google, ZenDesk, and Outlook.

Conferencing and Collaboration

Unified communications can enhance both internal and external communications.  Whether you’re looking to improve collaboration, boost productivity, facilitate creativity and innovation, or present a more professional image to customers and prospects, having convenient, user-friendly conferencing and collaboration tools integrated into your unified communications system can help you reach your goals.

Our partnerships with unified communications leaders enable us to provide robust conferencing and collaboration solutions.  With audio, video, and web conferencing integrated into your system, group collaboration is possible at a moment’s notice with groups ranging in size from two or three to dozens, if not hundreds, of participants.

We offer a variety of conferencing and collaboration solutions including:

Microsoft Office 365 with integrated telephony, audio conferencing and network services

Skype for Business

Lync for Webinars

• SharePoint Online

• Hosted Exchange

From quick video chats with co-workers and web-based sales presentations with prospects to branded audio conferences or webinars with hundreds of attendees, the conferencing and collaboration tools you need are baked into your unified communications system.

Presence and Messaging

Presence technology helps users to know who’s available and how best to contact them at any given time.  For example, Outlook and Skype for Business include presence technology that automatically updates a user’s status based on the Outlook Calendar.  If a user is in a meeting or on a Skype for Business audio call, their status will appear as “in a meeting” or “in a call.”  Users can also manually set their status (available, busy, do not disturb, be right back, off work, and appear away) with a drop-down.  They can also input custom status messages such as “on vacation” or “in training until 4:00 pm.”

With presence built into your unified communications system, your entire team can collaborate more efficiently.  With a quick glance, users can determine if now would be a good time to place a phone call or if an email might be a better option.  Based on another person’s status, users can better gauge when their message might be received, and thus, responded to.

Presence technology can also help users determine which contact method to use to reach a given person.  For example, if the status indicator shows that the individual is out of the office, then it would be more productive to call their mobile phone number rather than their office phone number.

Is it Time to Make the Switch to Unified Communications?

Our unified communications services empower everyone within your organization to better communicate and collaborate, both internally and externally.

Request a consultation to learn more.