audio streaming

Audio Streaming – The most basic Meeting Stream offer

Audio Streaming is the broadcasting of an audio feed without showing slides or video in the attendees’ console.

An audio stream can be reserved ahead of time, or if the conference call is recorded, it can be posted as a stream after the live conference.  This service is commonly used by organizations that need to push one-way audio to a very large audience.

Audio with Slides Streaming

This package is similar to Audio Streaming, but with the addition of showing PowerPoint slides in the console.  Participants can hear the audio portion through their computer speakers and view the presentation online.

Video Streaming

Using this Meeting Stream option allows you to provide a video feed via a webcam or video equipment. Participants see a “talking head” on their viewing consoles.  As your conferencing provider, audio streaming is included with this option.

Video with Slides Streaming

In addition to having the Video Streaming option, you can show PowerPoint slides in the console.

Video On-site Production

If you want to produce a very high-end, TV-quality event, we have a team who will go on-site with the proper equipment and film the presentation and/or speaker.  This offering is used in conjunction with Video Streaming or Video with Slides Streaming.

Custom Streaming

Do you have an idea of what you want to do for an event, but don’t see exactly what you are looking for in this list?  We will work with you to customize a solution that meets your needs.

What You Need for Streaming Meetings

Chances are you have the basics in place to begin using these meeting streaming services.  For example, if you’re going to host an audio stream, you could call in using a standard telephone or telephone headset with an attached microphone.  Your computer is likely equipped with a built-in webcam and microphone, making it ready-to-go for Video Streaming from the desktop.

You could also connect an external microphone or video camera if desired or opt for our professional onsite video production crew to produce a broadcast-quality event.

If you plan on using Audio with Slides or Video with Slides Streaming, you’ll need slide presentation software such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint to create and present your slideshow.  Again, it’s likely that you already have the presentation software.

What Your Attendees Need for Streaming Meetings

The beauty of streaming audio and video meetings is that your participants do not need to invest in any special equipment or travel to a meeting room.  With few exceptions, they already own exactly what they need to attend: a phone, a smartphone, tablet, or a desktop computer.

There’s no software to download or equipment to buy.  For Basic Audio Streaming, for example, they simply dial an access number, enter the conference PIN, and hear your audio presentation.  Video Streaming runs in standard web browsers, making it possible for your audience to view your meeting on an Internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer.

With Video Streaming, Audio Streaming is included, so participants can opt to view the video portion on their computers while simultaneously dialing in from their phones for the audio portion.  Alternately, the could stream the audio from their computers — it’s a matter of personal preference.

With multiple streaming options to consider, it’s not always easy to know which service to choose or when to bring in a video production crew.  Aitelephone Select can help you figure it all out.