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Aitelephone Select client support team is committed to helping you get the best value from your conferencing investment both from a cost and performance perspective.

With a dedicated conferencing consultant and an entire client support team ready to be of service, we’re here to help you from the initial implementation, on-boarding, and training to providing ongoing account support and optimization.  In short, we work to ensure your success.

Aitelephone Select dedicated client support team is committed to delivering:

An immediate value.  Not only do we help you select the most appropriate services, we make sure they’re properly implemented.  We also bring your team on board quickly via online training, how-to videos and brochures, FAQ product sheets, and related training materials.

A successful launch that reaches all of your users.  Whether you’ve ordered business conferencing for a small business, a busy HR department, or a worldwide enterprise organization, we collaborate with your team to launch unified communications services throughout your organization effectively.

Complete satisfaction.  We’ve set a lofty goal for ourselves 100% customer satisfaction. No detail is too small for us.  We scrutinize every aspect of your service to ensure it meets our high standards, and more importantly yours.  From consultation to completion to customizing your conferencing experience — and everything in between, Aitelephone Select is ready to meet your ever-changing business communication needs.

We’re easy to reach, too. During a conference call, press *0 on your keypad to reach our Customer Support team can.

For general customer support issues, please call 1 (800)-600-6151 or use a contact form.